Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The 6 Warning Signs of Low Employee Morale

Low morale at the workplace isn’t just painful for your employees, it hurts your company too. Poor employee morale can have devastating effects on your business’ efficiency, growth and revenue.

1) Increased Absence From Work
The emptiness of a chair yells out to you – Where has Tom been? You begin to wonder if maybe he is okay, because he has been missing 2 days out of every month.

 2) Excessive Complaining Over Seemingly Small Matters
Jerry can’t stand the fax machine, and he gives you an earful about it. The next day it’s his chair, and the day after that it’s the color of the carpeting.

3) Employee Conflicts
Excessive drama and in-fighting can take their toll. It steals energy and attention from employees that would otherwise go towards work performance.

4) Poor or Little Communication with Management
Employee engagement is at a bare minimum. All that is communicated is what is essential, and that’s it. This can be hugely devastating. Employees no longer feel free to input creative ideas that could really help business. Shortened or tense communication can be a sign that something isn’t right.

5) Zombie Employees
If you find your staff is wandering around, groaning, and walking like they’re half-dead, you might have a problem with workplace morale.

6) High Turnover Rate
Having to conduct job interviews and hire new employees to fill vacant spots can be costly in terms of time and resources.

Build Workplace Morale
The good news is that improving employee morale is possible and not that difficult. One way to boost workplace morale is to hire corporate entertainment like a clean comedian, magician, game show, mentalist or humorous speaker.

Bring your employees together and reward them for their hard work and dedication.

Giving them space to relax and communicate outside the confines of the office is a great way to increase communication and break the ice in an informal environment and it gives everyone a shared experience to talk about for months to come.