Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Danger of Sugar

Cut sugar to just 5 teaspoons each day
  • ·         Officials urging people to have sugar intake to prevent soaring obesity levels
  • ·         Britons average 15 teaspoons per day - 330ml fizzy drinks contain seven
  • ·         Specialists want Government to force food producers to cut sugar levels 
  • ·         But Public Health England said it would merely 'consider' these ideas 

Under new sugar guidelines, women would be restricted to five teaspoons a day and men seven teaspoons

Officials are urging people to halve their sugar intake to as little as five teaspoons a day to prevent obesity levels continuing to soar.

But they have been accused of failing to take proper action against the food industry to  help the public meet the strict targets.

Guidelines from scientists advising Public Health England, the agency given the job of tackling obesity, yesterday stated that women should have no more than five to six teaspoons of sugar a day, and men seven to eight.

A 330ml can of fizzy drink contains around seven teaspoonfuls, so would meet this limit on its own.
Currently, Britons consume an average of 15 teaspoons daily, mainly due to the high volumes of sugar hidden in everyday items such as fruit juice, muesli, yoghurts, sandwiches and ready meals.