Sunday, July 13, 2014

What your sleeping position tells about you?

What do sleeping positions tell about couples’depth psychology?

Which one is your sleeping position?

The woman falls asleep in her boyfriend’s arms. →Their relationship is still fresh and exciting. Gradually, this state of condition will probably come to an end.
(2)The couple faces each other. →They wish to communicate with each other more
(3)The woman hugs the man. →This kind of sleeping position can be found among men who appear to be macho when they go out.
(4)The couple sleeps in a prone position together. →Is everything alright? It is highly likely that you may have some problems.
(5)The woman takes up more of the bed. →The man is hen-pecked.
(7)The man hugs the woman. →It is the ideal sleeping position for women and it shows they are in a stable relationship.
(8)The couple sleeps back to back. →The distance between two hearts is proper and the relationship is rather stable.