10 Myths About Women You Should Know

Myths and stereotypes sometimes have their background but mostly they are based on misunderstanding of one side by another. Besides each and every one of us has a set of priorities they differ and some things that are meaningful to mean are less so to women and vice versa. Different men see women differently. Some men are dreading a thought of even talking to a woman while others think a woman’s place is in the kitchen. So here are the 10 myths about women you should know.

#1 Women Are All the Same

Many men say “All women are the same”. It sounds as not true as women saying “All men want one thing!”. Men are all the same, all humans are the same. Bullocks right? So before saying or thinking they’re all the same think about all the people in the world being the same or even half a humanity. Sounds creepy, doesn’t it? Women are different as well as men. So if you think all women are the same then maybe it’s you who choose women of similar temper. Just a thought.

#2 Women Talk Nonsense

What the heck are you doing around those who talk nonsense? If it’s just for sex then you asked for it. But if you think your girlfriend lacks sense when chatting with you then maybe you are a bad listener or maybe she talks about things that are last on your priority list. Find someone who shares your interests and priorities. If you get tired from work give yourself some time to rest turn off all the phones and get some sleep or delicately ask your wife or girlfriend to give you some personal space after the hard day.

#3 Women Are God-like Creatures

This is only half true, just kidding. Women are people so there is no reason to be scared to approach a woman you liked at a party or at some other such ‘godly’ place. Common, you’re both human and there’s no such thing as being out of somebody’s league. Seriously it all depends on your confidence, self-esteem and eloquence. Women like seeing confident men who have something to say. Money won’t save the situation if you can’t even say ‘Hi’.

#4 Women Don’t Like Sex

Actually this leads to another myth – women don’t cheat. Sex is a human phenomenon and both men and women enjoy it as much. And, yes, women do cheat although they tend to be more monogamous and for most of them sex involves more emotions than for men. If you think women don’t like sex then you’re probably doing it wrong. Ask her about her desires.

#5 Women Lack Logic

Well, read the myth number two. If you think your woman lacks logic how did you end up together in the first place? Take time thinking deeper into what she says and talk to her about things that seem to worry her. The best thing to do when you don’t see what’s the big deal is to asses the level of importance of the issue to you and to her.

#6 Women Can’t Drive

Who issues their driver’s license then? Well, women have various driving habits as well as men. Some tend to be more cautious while on the road, the others try to fix their lipstick on wherever they see the mirror around so it’s my advice to all drivers ditch all the unnecessary things while driving and that includes your cell phone too.

#7 Women Can Be Either Pretty or Smart

This is such an old myth but it, unfortunately, is far from dying out. Let’s start with saying that the term pretty is quite relative here. Sometimes it seems that ‘smart’ also has it’s boundaries yet to be defined so believe it when I say there are women who are both smart and beautiful. Wait there are also smart and beautiful and talented, oh my God I think your mind is gonna explode!

#8 Women Are Less Intelligent Than Men

Should I even bother dissuading you? Okay, women have made numerous scientific discoveries Rosalind Franklin has made the first X-ray diffusion photographs of DNA molecules that showed structure of human DNA but hasn’t received anything for her work. Marie Curie has won a Nobel Prize for finding the way to isolate radium. Should the list continue?I think you get the point.

#9 All Women Want to Marry and Have Kids

Most people want family and kids. It’s natural. It’s accepted to think that women want commitment more. While it’s true for some regions and cultures this changes in West. More women now want education, career and time to travel. But in the end it all comes to the point when you just want to surround yourself with people who loves you and cares. No?

#10 When She Says ‘No’ That Means ‘Yes’

This one had many people frustrated. I mean how many women couldn’t brave to say ‘Yes’ what they wanted it and how many men have ignored the ‘No’ when it meant ‘No’. So let’s just grow up and start saying what we really mean and respect others’ desires or their absence.