What Your Nails Say About You

Long, short, round or square -- now you'll finally know what kind of impression your nails are giving off.

OK, here goes. My biggest, baddest secret? I used to bite my nails.

Then my first trip to the nail salon happened, and I was a changed woman. Getting my first manicure finally put a stop to the habit, starting a new obsession in its place -- playing around with my nail shape. I learned how to use a nail file like a pro, and I began experimenting with my own nails.

That's how I found out that the accessorization of nails (I may have just made that word up) really says a lot about you. Surprised? I was too. Everything from the shape of your nails to the color you paint them shows off your personality. So whether you like it or not, your hands have a lot to say about you.

I talked to CND Nail Professional and Education Training Manager, Roxanne Valinoti, to see what she had to say about the topic. She agreed that your nails are "definitely an expression of [your] personal style," and she took me through the different shapes, sizes and accessorization (yeah, I used it again) of nails. She also gave me some great tips to maintaining your nails (as well as some super cool trends for the winter).

And if you're at all curious, all those years of experimenting with my nails paid off, because I finally found my perfect nail shape -- long and oval, with a splash of color. Perfect for my personality.

Long nails

Women with long nails are very feminine with a strong aesthetic sense (simply put: you like to look pretty). "This type of woman probably has low activity when it comes to hobbies but loves to have fun," Valinoti says. So we're guessing that you probably gravitate toward professions that do not require much physical work.

If you have long, oval-shaped nails, try painting them in bright colors to give off the "flirty and girly" vibe like Rihanna does. Or if your nails are long and a bit more dramatic in shape, you probably give off an "avant garde" vibe since people see you as a "tough trend setter," Valinoti says. 

Short nails

Women with short and tailored nails are seen as classy and analytical. Since you must trim them regularly, you're probably known as a perfectionist and are always on top of things. You are more "conservative, reliable and perhaps enjoy higher activity hobbies and sports," Valinoti says.

Short nails look better when worn bare, like Jessica Alba's, or painted one solid color for a clean, polished look. Avoid the French manicure, as well as extreme nail art, since they will overwhelm shorter nails.

Square nails

Women with square nails tend to be more easygoing and relaxed. You are modern and sophisticated, and you have good taste. You tend to stick to what you believe in, especially when it comes to helping others and staying true to yourself.

Square nails tend to be stronger both physically (because the sides and tips of the nails are even) and symbolically (the lack of a curve or point means they "take on a masculine edge," Valinoti says). You can keep them bare like Jessica Simpson does, or try a fun design to draw more attention to them.


Pointy nails

Women with pointy nails are "more edgy and intense," Valinoti says. You aren't afraid to try new things and you like to experiment with your nails (we love how adventurous you can be). But these can look like talons or claws sometimes, so be careful when filing them.

Fergie rocks the "stiletto nails" and proves that they don't need to look vampire-esque to be totally gorgeous. Although there's nothing wrong with dark nails to make a strong statement, you can try a soft pink or beige polish to soften up the pointy look.

Oval nails

Women with oval nails fall somewhere in the middle -- they are "softer and more feminine" than pointy nails, Valinoti says. You know how to play up your romantic side while still staying practical and independent.

To get the perfectly balanced oval shape like Taylor Swift's, start by filing the sides of your nails in one upward direction to avoid splitting or cracking. Once your sides are even, start arching near the top to get a pretty, rounded shape.

Bitten/chewed nails

Women with uneven nails are generally nervous people without much self-control. Biting your nails is a sign of impulsive perfection -- "the biter is on a constant quest for order, busily evening the edges, until there is no more edge to even," Valinoti says.

Use an oil like SolarOil, to keep even ragged nails looking healthy and fresh. "This will help increase the longevity of your manicure because it moisturizes the nail polish, preventing cracking and chipping," Valinoti says.

Bare nails

Women with bare nails tend to be naturalists with "an organic home grown philosophy," Valinoti says. Bare nails reflect a low maintenance personality, and you are most likely at your prettiest when playing up your natural beauty.

If you don't have time for polish, then the most important step is to buff. "Use a three way buffer (try Orly 3-Way Buffer, $2) to buff out any scratches" or ridges on your natural nail, Valinoti says. You can also use a glossing buffer over dry dull polish to revive the shine.

Painted nails

Women with painted nails know how to have fun and express themselves. "Nails have become a fashion statement, an accessory to an outfit, and an inexpensive way to update your look," Valinoti says. Well-groomed nails coated in pretty polish "always indicate self confidence," she adds.

"Younger, hip celebrities such as Katy Perry are choosing playful shades to make that statement and allude to their carefree, rockstar mind-set," Valinoti says. On the other hand, dark colors are classic and chic and pull together any outfit.