What Your Bra Says About You

Every girl remembers her first bra. And no, we're not talking about the super lame training bra your mom got you when you were 10.

We swear we're not asking for pervy reasons. (Stay with us.) You might not have known it at the time, but the bra style you chose had a lot to do with your personality. You and "the girls"

unconsciously bought a style that revealed a ton of info about your habits, what kind of friend you are, even who you like to date.

According to Victoria's Secret bra specialist Jessica Santos, that bra you bought years ago still says a lot about the kind of woman you are now. And just for the sake of hilarity, we asked Ky Henderson, Editor-in-Chief of ModernMan.com what he thought about each. (Of course, boys will be boys, so feel free to take it with a grain of salt.)

What was the first real bra you bought? The one you walked into the store and picked out all on your own? Was it cute and lacy (complete with bows)? Or was a padded, push-up bra more your style?

Spoiler alert: you will be shocked.

Demi Bra 

With its classic half-cup style and wide-set straps, the demi gives you natural cleavage and is "great for everyday wear," says Santos. You don't feel the need to go over-the-top with your bra choice, which shows that you're very comfortable in your own skin. Lucky for you, your look will never go out of style, so you naturally fit in everywhere. You're also a "down-to-earth" kind of girl, so you like to stay away from drama, says Santos. This means at the first sign of a catfight, you are so out of there.

Push-Up Bra 

First of all, you love being in control -- and not just when it comes to how much cleavage you show (although you do love how your bra has extra padding in the cups and adjustable straps to give the girls that extra lift). If there's any major event going on in your life, you're the one in charge, Santos says. You're also "outgoing and flirty," and always on the lookout for ways to show off those qualities, says Santos. Because you know exactly what you want, you're super irresistible and hard to ignore ... for obvious reasons.

Strapless Bra 

You're the "exciting" and "adventurous" type, says Santos. You like to take risks, especially if there's a new experience you've always wanted to try. (Sky diving, anyone?) But when it comes to your fashion choices, you'd rather play it safe than be outrageous -- ditching the straps is one thing, but you won't go completely bra-less.

Underwire bra 

You're always looking for support from others, and you pretty much expect your friends to be there for you (you get it from your bra, so why not your girls?). This can make you somewhat of a diva, says Santos. Try toning down the sass a bit, and you'll be the girl everyone wants at their party -- a perfect mix of fun and sweet.

Front-hook bra 

You value convenience, and you're all about making things (even your boobs) more accessible, says Santos. Taking the quick route comes naturally to you, so why would you wear a bra that takes hours to put on and remove? Because your bra is so easy to un-fasten, it shows that you're "low-maintenance," says Henderson. "Or simply eager for your bra to come off. Either way, we win!"

Racerback bra 

You are conventional and practical, but still like to branch out when it comes to trends -- hence the nontraditional bra straps. And while you don't mind sticking to the classics, you're also really good at putting a modern spin on things. You like to feel comfortable and relaxed, says Santos, and that gives you the ability to stay poised under pressure.

Keep in mind: the straps cross in the back, making it harder to take off. So if you have "plans" tonight, you might want to re-think your bra choice. Unless you're a little sadistic, "since there's no way in hell we'll be able to remove that thing with anything even resembling suaveness," says Henderson.

Padded bra 

You are intellectual and pragmatic, so you're always looking for the best solution to a problem. (In this case, the padded bra totally did the trick of filling out your white button down ... sweet.) And since this bra type isn't so much about cleavage, you tend to be on the conservative side, says Santos. You're also not into showing off. When it comes to style, comfort is the first thing you look for in an outfit. But that doesn't mean you'll sacrifice the chic factor -- there is a reason they invented super cute yet comfy lingerie, after all.

Corset bra 

The corset bra lifts the girls and slims your midriff (think Spanx, but sexier). Wearing something that guarantees your upper half looks flawless is a sure sign of an intense overachiever, especially since you need to spend way more time putting it on than a normal bra. This effort also means you have tons of energy to share with others, and your desire to look perfect says, "you tend to be more of a show-off girl," Santos says.

Sports bra 

You are active and healthy, and very "in touch" with your mind and body, says Santos. You set goals in your life, and you're determined to achieve them. You don't really care what people think, and you're open to critiques or comments ... which pretty much makes you the opposite of high-maintenance.

Lace bra 

You're a detailed person, and a bit more "risque" with trends, says Santos. You're also very friendly, and make time for everyone in your life -- and since you always plan ahead (remember, detailed?) you never have scheduling conflicts. It's due to your honesty and openness that guys tend to fall in love with you easily. Think about it -- how many numbers have you gotten in the past year? Bet you lost track.

Convertible bra 

It's important for you to keep your options open (which is why you love having bra straps that can be detached and re-arranged into different styles). You understand compromise, and you're willing to work with people if it makes them happy. Since you're so flexible, you're ready for anything, and can tackle just about anything that comes your way, says Santos. Plus, the fact that you value a multi-use bra means "you may be as into gadgets as we are," says Henderson. And that's a big plus in his book.

No bra 

To you, wearing a bra is just a silly inconvenience, so you allow your ladies to fly free -- no cups, no straps, no inhibitions. You're a "no nonsense" kind of gal, and you don't let others tell you what to do, says Santos. People really admire you for being so "take charge" -- or they just think you're crazy. According to Henderson, "you're either an exciting free spirit (shaved armpits) or a hippie (unshaved armpits)." But frankly, if you're confident enough to go bra-less, you couldn't care less what anyone else thinks.